Curiosity is often the beginning of something special.

Discover the fascination of Krombacher beers, the secret of their natural ingredients, their passion for the art of brewing, watch Europe's biggest production LIVE and enjoy their hospitality.
You'd like to experience Krombacher? Then come along with us!

What: Brewery tour incl. All-you-can-drink
When: Thursday, 4th of October 2018
Where: Krombacher Brewery, Hagener Str. 261, 57223 Kreuztal
How much: 12 euros for Krombacher friends, 14 euros for everyone else
Meeting point: 2pm at Weidenau ZOB

1. Sign up on
2. For payment (cash!) and becoming Krombacher friends, please visit us during our office hours: Tue 13 - 16 and Fri 9 - 12 in AR-SSC 113.
Payment deadline is Tue, 2nd of October, 4pm!
3. Look forward to a day of BEER!

04/10/2018 - 14:00 to 21:00
Krombacher Brauerei | Littfetal
Hagener Strasse
57223 Kreuztal