Once upon a time, a monstrous dragon lived in a cave on the Drachenfels. The inhabitants of the Rhine valley were very afraid and, as they were defenseless, they honored the monster by giving him a virgin every year for sacrifice. One day a young hero called Siegfried came riding up the Rhine, who drove the dragon out of his cave and killed him. Through a bath in his blood, the young valiant should then have achieved invulnerability.

Join us for a day trip to mystical Drachenfels, together with the guys of ESN Bonn! Afterwards we will have a guided City Tour through Bonn. Please wear hiking suitable clothes.

What: Trip to Drachenfels!
When: 13th of October 2018
How much: for free, but please bring something to eat and drink for yourself!
Meeting point: 9:30am at Siegen ZOB

13/10/2018 - 09:30 to 19:00