#EUElections2019 #Challenge

As an organisation and as young international-minded people in Europe we benefit greatly from the opportunities the EU gives us. Therefore it is important that we actively participate in the upcoming EU Elections and spread the message through the #ThisTimeImVoting campaign on our communication channels!

We at Erasmus Student Network Siegen accept the nomination by Växjö International Students - VIS and are now participating in the campaign by sharing our personal messages on why we find it important to vote

To spread the message on why voting is so important to our generation we nominate ESN Graz, ESN Oulu - Erasmus Student Network Oulu Ry, ESN Nice: International Exchange & Erasmus Students' Network, ESN AGH Kraków and ESN Comenius University Bratislava to share their message on why it is important to be engaged with the upcoming EU elections.

IMPORTANT: Copy the upper message, add your visuals (photo/video) to the text and post it on your public channels! Do not forget to nominate five other ESN sections to do the same!

Let us spread the message and become one of the many engaged active citizens in Europe!

For more information visit: https://esn.org/vote
Do not forget to register yourself at https://tinyurl.com/imanactivecitizen <3